Sunday, April 20, 2014

WEEK 4--10 Weeks to a Slimmer Summer

by Rebecca J. Clark
NSCA & ISSA certified personal fitness trainer

Welcome back! If you've been following the steps, you should be feeling a bit lighter, and the scale should be showing a bit of a loss. If you're just joining us, be sure to read the previous weeks, starting with Week One.

This challenge is adapted from my new book, The Checklist Diet, available at most ebookstores now. 

This week, you’ll continue the steps from Weeks 1-3. Plus you’ll add this next step: 

Combine a protein and a “good” carb every time you eat.

You’ll want to eat a lean protein every time you eat, because this will help fuel your body efficiently, support muscle growth, boost your metabolism, keep your energy levels on an even keel, and keep those cravings at bay.
What is a protein? Here are some examples:

·         Eggs
·         Lean meat (beef, chicken, turkey, pork)
·         Fish
·         Cottage cheese
·         Yogurt
·         Beans
·         Nuts & Seeds
·         Quinoa (a grain that’s also a complete protein)
·         Nut butter
·         Tofu or other soy products

Now, let’s talk about carbohydrates. 
Here is a good rule of thumb: when eating a starchy carb (like rice, pasta, grains, corn), keep your portion size no bigger than the size of your closed fist. And eat only one starchy carb per meal/snack. If you do those two things, it’ll be virtually impossible to overeat your starchy carbs.
If your starchy carb comes in a package (like rice or pasta or bread), you can also read the serving size on the label to figure out what one portion is.
This rule might sound complicated, but it’s not. A snack could be as simple as celery or apple with nut butter. Yogurt and berries. A hardboiled egg and a piece of fruit. Half of a tuna salad sandwich on whole grain bread. The possibilities are endless.


You’re going to continue with the exercises from last week, but I’m going to make them a bit harder. Next week, we'll be using light dumbbells, so make sure you have some ready.  

CARDIO: Five days this week, choose one of the following cardio workouts. Feel free to mix and match, or do the same one each day: 

--Walk out your door. Walk for 15 minutes. Turn around and come back. For 5 of those minutes, pick up the pace until you’re a bit winded. 

--Get on a cardio machine of choice (treadmill, elliptical, bike, etc). Go slow for two minutes. Pick up the pace a bit for 20 minutes. Cool down at a slow pace for 2 minutes. 

--Pick six of your favorite fast-paced songs (for a total of about 25 minutes). Crank the speakers. Dance around your house until the songs are over.

STRENGTH-TRAINING: Two days this week, do the following strength moves (can be done on the same day as the above workouts). 

20 Pushups (against a wall, counter, or on the floor)
20 Sit and Stands from a chair or bench 
10 Dips (slide your hips off a chair or bench, fingers curled around edge. Bend and straighten your arms.)
30 seconds of elbow planks (lie on the floor on your belly, propped on elbows. Lift your body up until you’re balancing on your elbows and toes. Hold.) 
15 Supermans (lie on your stomach, arms overhead like Superman. Lift and lower arms and legs at the same time) 
Repeat this series 3 times.

Have a great week. Let me know if you have any questions. If you are enjoying this program, please tell your friends!


  1. Week 4 - and I'm hanging in there! Practical advice and steps I can actually do :)

  2. I'm within a pound of my goal weight and I'm so thrilled! This is such a great program. It's not always easy but I don't have the cravings I used to have. This is such a great program.