Friday, March 23, 2012

FRIDAY FIRSTS with Regan Taylor

The first five sentences of... WORLD IN HER HANDS

A huge smile on her face, Sarah Dinetti watched her favorite kind of drama unfold. Kim Turner had no idea what had been in the works for weeks and had been caught totally off guard. After weeks of planning, Kim’s husband, Chris had pulled off the surprise of a lifetime with this huge party celebrating their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary.

Sarah looked around the room at Kim’s friends, some who she knew the guest of honor had known since junior high. They had the world in the palms of their hands.

Publisher: eXstasy Books
Genre: Romantic suspense

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1. Who was your first love?
His name is Roy. I was 16, he was 21 and a mutual friend invited him to a New Year’s Eve party at my house. He was tall, dark and the stuff of my fantasies and when he asked me out at the end of the night I was in love. At the time I lived in New York. He was studying art at Art Student’s League and I thought he was the most brilliant artist I’d ever seen. We dated until he went into the Army and I went off to college. He decided to end things but…not forever.  I moved to California, he apparently moved to Washington, D.C., met and fell in love with another woman and we both went about our lives.

About 5 years ago I was looking for some art for a cover and stumbled on some drawings that looked very familiar to me. I looked closer, did some checking and it was Roy’s. Taking a chance I wrote him and after many, many years – a couple of decades, we reconnected. His wife passed away two years ago and recently he asked me what do I think would have happened had we married all those years ago.

2. What was the first romance you ever read?
Rosemary Rogers’ Sweet Savage Love – and for years and years I read and reread it over and over again. I reread it again last summer and it was as wonderful as I remembered it being the first time.

3. Tell me about your very first kiss?
That was Roy. Okay there were kisses – like you know, you kiss, but they were the peck kind of kisses. The first REAL kiss, the one with passion and romance and bells ringing was when I was 17 with Roy. We were on a train going to Washington, D.C. He was returning to base and I was going to a conference in D.C. We sat in the bar car and I felt so grown up because he was in his uniform and he ordered me a rum and coke (I know, I know, what the heck was a then 22 year old guy doing buying a 17 year old girl a rum and coke on a train – if he happened today he’d be arrested but back then with my mother’s blessing to go, it was a different world.) As we sat there talking he leaned over and kissed me. At the time I was sure those were bells I heard but in retrospect I think it was just the wheels of the train on the tracks. I gotta say that kiss packed a wallop – and a peck’s never done it for me with a guy again.

An avid reader from childhood on Regan has always preferred the quiet of her room with a good book to dealing with mundane daily life. While working as a police dispatcher she began to write fiction and never turned back. Her favorite times are sitting home reading and writing with her three furfaced children commonly called cats (Miss Missy, Bogie and Mel).

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  1. So...? I'm dying to know what your answer to Roy was?

  2. Oh....I told him that given the time and distance as well as our ages at the time I didn't think things would have worked out. We're good friends now and I hope one day to have some of his art on one of my covers. I will say that a lot of that relationship shows up in some ways in my books and is a good part of why I love time travels. If we could travel back in time, what would we do different?