Friday, April 13, 2012

FRIDAY FIRSTS with Christy Hayes

The first five sentences of... THE SWEETHEART HOAX(okay, so this is seven sentences. Oops. My bad.)

Margot Manning had to quit the job she loved in order to achieve the career she wanted. As she settled into her chair at the reception desk at Flannery & Williams, she wondered what could have made the last few years worse. She could have been waiting tables at a diner as her mother had done before her heart made such physical work too taxing. She could have hawked gifts at one of the coastal area’s gift stores, unable to study without her bosses or customers taking note. She could have accepted one of the nannying positions she’d interviewed for before realizing she’d never be able to read and memorize chapters of organic chemistry with toddlers underfoot all day. As she neared the end of her part-time nursing program, she knew she’d made the right choice for her day job. If only she hadn’t fallen stupidly, ignorantly in love with her boss…well, one of them.

Genre: Romantic Comedy

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1. Who was your first love?
Honestly, the first man I ever truly loved was my husband. Never before or ever since has there been anyone I’ve wanted to spend the rest of my life with than him. After twenty-two years together and eighteen years of marriage, that’s a pretty good thing!

2. Tell me about the first novel you ever wrote? What ever happened to it?

The first novel I ever wrote is still on my computer. I sometimes think of going back and reworking the story, but I have a feeling it would be too daunting when I think of how far I’ve come in the last decade as a writer. I still like the story, so I guess I could just use the basic premise and rewrite it, but I think I should concentrate on looking forward instead of backward.

3. If you won the lottery, what’s the first thing you’d buy?

I’d hire a chef to cook nutritious meals for our family. I don’t hate to cook, but I hate constantly thinking about what I should make for dinner. Usually, I’m trying so hard to get into my chair to work on my books that I don’t think about dinner until it is too late and I end up scrounging around for ingredients and things to prepare. A live in chef would be amazing!

MORE ABOUT CHRISTY: Christy Hayes writes romance and women’s fiction from her basement office outside Atlanta, Georgia. She lives happily with her husband, two active tweens, and two rescue mutts. When not writing, Christy spends her time exercising, watching cable news, and reading.

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  1. Thanks, Christy! I can't wait to read it!

  2. I'm with my first love too, Christy. Married for 25, together for 32. We're lucky girls.

  3. I loved The Sweetheart Hoax, Christy. And those opening lines Make me feel like reading it all over again! :)

  4. What a fabulous love story for you and your husband, Christy!
    I love romantic comedies and can't wait to read yours! Sounds exactly like what I'd enjoy!
    Stephanie Queen

  5. Loved those sentences from your book. I liked the way you wrote them. I can tell it's a good book just from that small excerpt. Nice interview about you and your husband. How neat.