Friday, April 20, 2012

FRIDAY FIRSTS with Sarah Raplee

The first five sentences of BLINDSIGHT

FBI Psychic Agent Rick Garcia balled his twitching fingers into aching fists beneath the linen-covered table. When he’d gone undercover as one of the drug lord’s bodyguards, he hadn’t considered the possibility his assignment would involve celebrating the monster’s wedding—or that he’d still be undercover after three long, maddening years.

Patience had never been his strong suit. He’d like nothing better than to seize the gleaming cake knife from the bride’s manicured fingers and plunge the dull blade into her groom’s withered heart. But killing Marcus Mendoza now would prevent him from fulfilling the vow he’d made to bring every last one of the men who murdered his family to justice.

Blurb: A grieving undercover psychic government agent and a lonely blind wedding singer with a wild psychic talent must escape from a drug lord's compound, elude the drug lords Psychic Hound through the wilderness and free his psychic slaves.

Genre: Para-Ops Romantic Suspense
Publisher: being shopped around right now (good luck!!!!)

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1. Tell me about your very first kiss.

Ah, young love!  Too young, as it turned out. I went to a carnival with a seventeen-year-old sailor I met on a Senior Girl Scout camping trip on Navy property. At fifteen, I’d yet to be kissed, let alone French kissed. He, on the other hand…Let’s just say that his tongue in my mouth kinda grossed me out!

2. What was your first date with your significant other?
We’d done volunteer work together for almost a year. I had a huge crush on him, but he was dating someone else. Then he became a forest fire fighter for the State and was stationed ninety miles away. After two months with no phone call, I gave up on him. Then our mutual gay friend Neil figured out that I had a crush on him. Neil insisted that he ask me out the next time he visited home. Neil even double-dated with him for moral support (he brought his sister!) We went to a movie.

That one act of kindness resulted in a lifelong marriage, kids, etc. Neil was one of our groomsmen eighteen months later. He went on to serve on the city council and work for GLBT rights for years. Sadly, he died of AIDS fifteen years ago.

3. What was the first R-rated movie you ever saw?
Romeo and Juliet. Cried my eyes out and loved it, loved it, loved it! I have to admit, though, that as an adult, I much prefer Shakespeare’s comedies. I enjoy entertainment that makes me smile. Give me those happy endings!

More about Sarah: I spent half my childhood in California and half on a tropical island (sounds rough, doesn't it?). Growing up, I wanted to be a mommy, writer, poet and artist, in that order, but an unfortunate lack of eye-hand coordination eliminated "artist" from the list. After high school I followed my heart and married my firefighter-cum-Coast Guardsman boyfriend, who is the inspiration for my heroes. I write scary, funny romantic suspense novels with paranormal elements. Dogs have infiltrated every manuscript for reasons that are deeply buried in my subconscious. I write because I can't help it, and it's more fun than most of the alternatives.

You can find Sarah at her group blog, Romancing the Genres. She also writes short Steampunk Romance for Free Reads at the Genre-istas.


  1. Sarah,

    Two Questions:

    What is Romancing the Genres? Do all your stories have paranormal elements?

    Happy Friday!

  2. Sarah, I agree, a French Kiss as a first kiss - ugh! Great to learn a little more about you!

  3. Hi, Sarah.

    I loved Romeo and Juliet, too. . . what girl didn't? Oooooh, now THERE'S a story idea. . ..

    Happy writing,
    Melia Alexander

  4. Fun interview! And great getting to know you even more. Your book has always intrigued me and I can't wait for it be published.