Friday, September 30, 2011

FRIDAY FIRSTS with Catherine Bybee

First five sentences of...Wife By Wednesday

“I need a wife, Carter, and I needed her yesterday.” Riding in the back of the town car en route to a Starbucks, of all places, Blake Harrison glanced at his watch for the tenth time that hour.
Carter’s startled laugh rode on Blake’s last nerve. “Then pick one of the masses and walk the aisle.”
His best friend’s offhand advice might have held merit, if Blake could trust the women in his life.

Wife By Wednesday will release in early October. You can learn more about this and Catherine's other books on her website.


1. What was the first Rated R movie you ever saw?
OMG... Remember the the movie Porkys?  Talk about a 'B' coming of age movie that was all about teenagers, drinking and sex! I was waaaay to young to be watching it and remember thinking... "What are they doing in the closet making all that noise?" I think my BFF had to tell me. She was a year older than me.
2. Tell me about your very first kiss?
His name was Kurt. He lived a few doors up from me growing up. We'd flirted around all summer long, held hands a couple of times then one night while we sat around talking about absoutely nothing he kissed me. Because I used to babysit his next door neighbors, he'd come over and stand outside the sliding glass doors and kiss me there. I wouldn't let him in the house. It was a summer of kissing and big fat grins all over my face.
3. What’s the first thing you do after you wake up in the morning (other than using the restroom LOL)?
I tell Bittermen to fire up the Lear so I can go to the spa in San Francisco for my workout and message from Sven. Oh, wait... you want to know what happens 'after' I wake up. Oh, okay... Make my kids lunches, get them off to school: One takes the bus, the other I car pool with another mom. I usually check my email via my smart phone then have a cup of coffee while watching the news with my hubby. By eight I'm at my computer doing stupid stuff until I get in the shower and really start my day.
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  1. Thanks so much for coming on today, Catherine. I can't wait to read this story. So exciting for you. :)

  2. Love the first five sentences of Wife by Wednesday, Catherine! And your first kiss...sweet. Mine was with a boy who'd just eaten Sweet Tarts. Ewww...