Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Artist's Way

I've been fighting a creative block for several years now. I have a hard time completing any new project right now. I've decided to read through the book The Artist's Way again and work through the 12-week plan for unblocking creativity.

I did this program back when the book was first written in 2002 and found it very helpful. I, like many other writers, am my own worst enemy. I tend to get in my way a lot. I'm hoping Ms. Cameron can help me find my way back to being creative on a regular basis.

Does anybody want to join me? I'm officially starting on Monday, Feb. 18, but I'll be reading the intro and buying my pretty new notebook this weekend.

You don't have to be a writer or artist. You just have to want to be more creative.

I'll post again sometime Monday.

See you then!


  1. Ohhh, Becky, I'm so tempted. This book literally saved my writing life. I'm going to noodle it this weekend. Will you be doing posts every week about TAW?


  2. Hey Kelsey!
    This is a great book/program, isn't it? Yes, I'll be doing posts every week. Because by committing to that, it'll force me to continue and not give up on this program halfway through. :)

    I feel like I'm wearing a creative straightjacket--I have all these great ideas and great starts and almost finishes to manuscripts, but my hands are tied (so to speak) to complete them.

  3. Becky, you know I'm at roughly week 6 so I'll keep cheering you on!

  4. Cathy!!! I knew one of my other friends was doing AW but I couldn't remember who. But it's YOU! How are you liking it so far?