Thursday, April 16, 2015

N is for... NEWS!

A to Z Blogging Challenge

Since N is for NEWS I thought I'd share my most recent news.

I'm wrapping up revisions for my summer release, Lead-Off Bride. It's Book 1 of my brand-new series, Take Me Out to the Wedding. I'm SO excited to share this baseball and weddings story with everyone.

Lead-Off Bride will release first as part of a boxed set with five other authors in Summer on Main Street, releasing June 23 and available for pre-order now.

Then it'll release on its own as an ebook in July, and a print book in August or September.

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To get a first peek at the cover and to learn exact release dates (as soon as I know them), plus a lot of other cool stuff (like health & fitness tips, and healthy recipes, and read the next excerpt of my campy soap opera serial Troubles of Tomorrow), please sign up for my newsletter.

In other news, Borrowed Stilettos (Book 1 of the Red Stilettos series) will be out in print any day now. Just waiting for it to show up on Amazon.

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